Last week at Wildcard we released a product I’m very excited about: The Wildcard iOS SDK. This is a product for iPhone app developers. If your app has links or URLs anywhere that are clickable, the links may look something like this:

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URL in a sample chat app.

When a user clicks on that link, you either have to kick them into Safari, or into a clunky web view. You lose that user, as they get booted out of your app’s experience. If you use the Wildcard iOS SDK however, that link gets converted into a nice beautiful card, that looks like this:

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Modal Card

These cards keep your users in your app experience. They’re fast, native, and consistent. Your users will know how to use them because all links will behave in a similar way. It only takes a couple lines of code to turn links into cards, and if you write a few more lines of code beyond that you can even customize the look and feel and display the cards inline right in your app instead of making them a modal pop up.

This product is free to use, and you can easily get started by perusing the docs and registering an API key. Right now it will work out of the box with links to articles, content, and general web pages. Soon you’ll get customized cards for links to videos, places, maps, and more.

Reach out to me on twitter if you have any questions.

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Building live streaming on the blockchain at Livepeer. Previously Founder, VP Eng at Wildcard and Hyperpublic (acquired by Groupon).

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