A Product Launch To Be Proud Of

Today is an exciting day at Wildcard. We are launching our new iPhone app, which we’ve been building for the past six months. You should download it from the app store now!

At its core, Wildcard 2.0 is a news application. It offers more than just news, like interesting trending content and media from the internet, but as for the reason that you open the app, you use it to “Know The Day”, or to “Get Up To Speed.” Try opening it a couple times throughout the day, and you’ll see fresh, interesting mix of information.

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The reason that I’m particularly excited about this launch, as compared to previous launches in the past, is because I am confident that we are shipping a truly polished product that stands on its own. If you use Wildcard to find out what’s going on in the world, it will deliver, in a beautiful, polished, fast, mobile friendly way. It will not fail you.

Of course, when reflecting on previous product launches that I’ve been a part of, our intention was never to ship an unfinished product or a product that would fail for your use case. My cofounders, Jordan and Eric, and myself have a tendency to dream big and take on really challenging problems. At Hyperpublic we were organizing the world’s local information and points of interest data at broad scale. In the early days of Wildcard we tried to go directly for replacing your mobile web browser with a new native mobile internet. Both of these problems are ambitious, and essentially never fully solved — you can only build the best technology to begin chipping away at the problem, and iterate from there until you are better than any available alternative. Which is why previous launches have looked more like amazing technical demonstrations of potential, than fully polished products that nail your use case from day one. They required some patience and buy in from the user, to stick with us, and help us improve our product while we’re all on a long, ambitious journey together.

At Wildcard, we still fully believe that people will interact with the web natively on their phone, we see this change happening in the world, and we are excited to participate in it. This 2.0 product allows us to demonstrate our native card technology in a way that fits with the use case that users were attracted to in our initial 1.0 release — consuming media.

Under the hood, there is an incredible mix of engineering and design powering this new experience. On the tech side, we’ve built a whole suite of technology to convert existing web pages into native, mobile friendly cards, largely through learning based data structuring efforts. We’ve built search technology, personalization and recommendations, and a human + machine powered editorial system to surface and curate the best of what’s going on on the internet. Hopefully the design of the app speaks for itself, as I think our product team has done a tremendous job creating the most beautiful way to read news on your phone.

The sum total of all this work is something I am very proud to be launching. We have a lot of work to do to earn your daily use going forward, but our whole team is looking forward to it.

Building live streaming on the blockchain at Livepeer. Previously Founder, VP Eng at Wildcard and Hyperpublic (acquired by Groupon).

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